October 2015, Hua Yu was awarded the down products to ensure the credibility of the use of certifica

Shandong Hua Yu Group Co., Ltd.'s cold thinking brand clothing products, by the China down industry

In recent years, the quality of China's consumer goods market has attracted much attention, especially the relatively weak supervision of the network market. As the inner filling material quality can not be judged from the intuitive down products, fake and shoddy phenomenon has occurred, seriously undermine the image of down products in the minds of consumers. With the approaching footsteps of winter, down product sales season is about to begin. China down industry association, through the convening of the general assembly, designed to crack down on fake and shoddy products, clean down the market, stable product quality, safeguard the interests of consumers, boost consumer confidence.

On Friday, 16 October 2015) at 9:30 am, cold thinking soup brand chairman in jointly organized by the "association of industry of Chinese eider down", "Jingdong Mall" [strengthen network quality supervision Zhongyu co Jingdong strategic cooperation and China down industry quality swearing in ceremony. Zhongyu Association will carry out a series of measures to promote and protect the network down product quality, maintenance industry and consumer interests. Among them, as one of the important measures to strengthen the supervision of network quality is to carry out in-depth cooperation with Jingdong Mall, through professional brand recommendation and down knowledge of promotional activities, so that consumers know more about down products, understand the professional, quality assurance down brand.

Yao Xiaoman chairman and Jingdong Mall signed a strategic cooperation agreement

One corner of the scene

In Badminton Association and Jingdong Mall signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement at the same time, conference on "down products quality and consumer" provisions, and the new version of credit guarantee flag is released. In addition, the relevant government departments, the Chinese Consumer Association, the China business association and other organizations and authorities to witness the presence of authoritative testing organizations, 25 professional brand down oath, solemnly make a commitment to consumers: integrity management, fair competition, strict compliance with national and industry standards, to ensure that the brand quality and after-sales service level, never fake, for the steady and healthy development of China's down products!

Tang Tiannan, chairman of the board on behalf of the signing of quality assurance

Yao Xiaoman chairman and chairman Tang Tiannan cordial conversation

At present, the State General Administration of quality supervision, Consumer Association and the online platform for product quality supervision is more and more strict. On the basis of these departments and sales quality management platform, badminton association also spare no effort to promote the market down products of purification and quality improvement. The start of the network quality regulatory strategy includes a series of specific measures:

First, badminton association and Jingdong Mall cooperation, jointly organized large-scale online down fair professional promotional activities, to consumers recommend genuine licensed, try to for consumers to create a comfortable shopping environment, maintain the rights and interests of consumers. Association will be held together with Jingdong Mall 3 famous brand promotional activities down industry. Promotional activities divided into three seasons:, new season: late October; second, the selling season: 12 month; third, season clearance: 2016 1 at the end of. Activities will be quality assurance as the theme, the main page will set up a quality assurance and certification business column, push the brand.

Second, in the promotional activities, Zhongyu Association will focus on the introduction of the new feather products credibility assurance signs, and to wear standard products quality supervision and guarantee. Logo add two-dimensional code, a matter of a code management, consumers can sweep the code to identify the authenticity and rights. "Down products credibility assurance signs" products will be as the association with the online mall cooperation and devaluation of the brand, signs will be as authentic licensed logo to promote long-term.

Third, eider down product sales in the period, badminton association will continue to promote knowledge of the down, including purchase, cleaning and maintenance of the basic common sense, let consumers understand down, know how to distinguish the quality, let the fake and shoddy products have no place to hide. In Badminton Association to strengthen core network quality control strategy, is through cooperation with various regulatory department and sales platform, to consumers recommend professional brand, publicity genuine licensed, so that consumers can enjoy the high quality of down products, down market purification, eliminate fake and shoddy products, to enhance the image of industry of Chinese eider down, enhance consumer confidence, ensure down the market stable and healthy and prosperous development.

Jingdong online is Yoobao Jingdong Mall and Chinese down Industry Association jointly organized the feather industry well-known brand marketing activities. Activities will be in late October, 12 month and next January is divided into third gear launched, each file will organize down clothing and feather bedding famous brands and professional brand participation.

Attend the swearing of clothing brand

Attend the swearing bedding brand

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Shandong Hua Yu Group Co., Ltd.'s cold thinking brand clothing products, by the China down industry
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